1 chapter one Introduction

The identity and level of thinking of the reader or audience when writing an article
It needs to be carefully considered. This means that the text is written by the author himself
If he writes only experience and knowledge, he will be less likely to read the text.
Articles for children are usually written by adults
In them, the community wants to pass on to the child what he or she wants to do
For the children who want to continue to value their values
Because of their culture of storytelling in the preferred genre (for children); Ethics:
Etc. to the children. This is because children are often drawn and entertained by stories
To present what he wants to teach simply in a way that does not seem to be a child’s education
Because it helps to spread. The mental maturity of the children to make this a success
The children are well-informed and well-versed in the way they approach the issue
Being with the ones you know and the things they call out during the game
They should.
Written for children by different authors at different times in our country
There are many books. What we see in this study, however, is that in the year 2000, the world harvested
Written by Hedgehog Hyena and other Hyena Stories and by A.D.
The monastery is written in the fairy tales of a bird that has not paid its debts.

Back door

A drunken man called his wife and said, “I stopped my car and the thieves took it away.”
“what do you mean?”..
“There is nothing left for them! Leader, the radio, what did you go through? They also robbed me of the board in front of me. These ants! They don’t even have the brakes and the gas station. ”
“Wow! Be kind! I didn’t tell you to get drunk at night! ” When you say: He began to laugh.
“What makes you laugh?” …
“I’m sorry! I just went through the door ”

It is 3 months since conception

An alcoholic in an alcohol factory dies and the manager announces a vacancy.
Someone who is very drunk and wearing a shirt will see the ad and come to test it. As soon as the manager saw it, the man was bored and decided not to hire him with serious questions.
He was given the first drink to taste the alcohol in the glass.
The man tasted the drink:

  • It’s red wine. * It’s made from white grapes. * It’s 3 years old. * He replied that he was baptized in an iron barrel in the South Valley.
    The manager was amazed at the accuracy of his answer and gave him another glass.
    He tasted this:
  • Made from dried red wine. * It is 8 years old. “In southern France * it is a red wine baptized in a wooden barrel.”
    The manager called Germot and whispered in the office. She went out and took her urine in a glass and gave it to him. Let the tempter taste it:
  • Blonde (yellow thing). * 3 months from conception. * Made in the office. If you don’t hire me, I’ll talk to my father (the father of the fetus).

I did not know

A man bought a robot that slapped someone when he lied and told his son to go home and try
Father: What are you doing today?
Boy: When I was studying with my friends

Chuchuwa slapped the boy
Son: Okay, I saw a movie
Father: What kind of movie?
Son: Adventure

Chuchuwa slapped the boy
Boy: OK, I saw a porn movie
Father: I didn’t know what pornography was when I was your age
Chuchuwa slapped his father
Mother: Ha ha ha Don’t judge him, it’s not your son, it’s your son
Chuchuwa slapped her mother

I went to paris

Father Dead – Who do you love more than me and your mother?

Son of a bitch – both of you

Dad, do you like it more?

Son of both

Father, do you say one?

Son of both

Father, if I go to London, where will your mother go if she goes to Paris?

Son of Paris Paris

Father Poor Aha … It means your mother loves you more.

It’s not a boy, it’s because Paris is comfortable with me …

Father Poor: OK, if I went to Paris, where would she go if she came to London?
Child Death London
Why father?
I went to Paris, Paris

8 year old baby

The 8-year-old was very upset
Father-baby, bring me some fluids from the store
baby-coca is pepsi
dad- coca
baby-diet or normal
dad- normal
baby-bottle or tin
baby- 500 ml or 1 liter
dad- Oops, are you wasting? Just bring some water
baby-normal or mineral
people- minerals
baby- cold or outside
dad- Go without scratching your head with a broom
baby- wooden or plastic broom
dad- Stop teasing you little animal
baby-cow or pig
dad- Stupid go out so I don’t see your eyes
baby- now or later
dad- right now
baby- push me or myself
dad – very angry … I serve
baby- with a gun or a knife
dad- I’m shooting you idiot
baby- my head or my stomach
dad- In frustration
baby- You’re dead, you’re asleep

He never smokes

Two passengers sit on a bus talking about their children

One father died – I have a very good son !!

Second father cle- smokes ??

One father said, “No, he never smokes.”

The second father falls asleep and gets drunk at night ??

One father said, “No, he doesn’t drink at night.”

Second Father, you have a truly blessed child to be proud of. My son will do whatever I ask of you now. How old is he?

One father died – 1 year and 6 months

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